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Financial Advice for Women Facing the Divorce Process


From time to time we all have some challenges. Such as holiday preparations, shopping, family holidays celebration and so on. One of the biggest problems for some people is the problem of the marriage finishing. This question is faced by some people regardless of the year time, during the holidays or in the customary weekday. Perhaps you have been waiting for the right moment for a long time. In any case, the moment has come. And it should go smoothly from the start to the end. Here are some steps which will help you save your precious time and to avoid stress.

Step one. Get a list of the necessary papers, collect them and make copies for every document. Be sure that these documents are available only to you, but not to your family members or moreover to your husband. A better way is to prepare the documents in advance so that they are at hand. All copies can be done later.

Step two. Consider your credit situation. You should make sure that your credit reports are in order and all the banking information is correct. Look closely at all credit card statements. Maybe your husband buys himself something expensive with this card. Take care of your credit history and don’t forget that good credit is the key to your successful future.

Step three. Open your personal bank account. In a few moments you will become a single woman and you need to get your own account and credit card. Try to do these operations in another bank, not in the one where you shared accounts with your husband. Let everything now be registered on you. But keep in mind that due to the current economic situation in the country it will be harder than ever to get a credit card. Now lots of people live in debt and have loans. If you know that in the future you will not be able to pay back then don’t even apply for a loan. The bank should pay attention to your marital status so be prepared to assure the lender that you have the ability to make monthly payments on a loan.

Step four. Consult divorce advisors. It has long gone when people divorced with the help of lawyers who formalized the needed documents. Today, all security orders and acts associated with divorce can be made by professionals who will take into account all the details and will issue everything legally. Find the right person you can trust all the collected documents and be confident in the fact that the process of divorce is in the hands of an expert.

There are some things that also need your attention. Many people during the divorce process hide their savings and monthly income into deposit boxes. They show that it is not enough money for them and hope to pick up a larger property. They know that after the divorce, all the saved money will go to them and nobody will get to know this. If you feel that something is going wrong, please contact the appropriate services for help, because it’s illegal.

Remember that the whole divorce process will be safe if you get help from special services which will guide you through every problem. Don’t be afraid to rule this process and very soon you will feel free and financially independent.

Marie is an accomplished financial consultant writing about socio-economic problems as well as legal and financial articles on debt, bankruptcy, loan, stock market, no credit check loan, credit card, personal injury on various websites. She has been writing for the last 5 years.

Temporary Spousal Maintenance In New York

divorce attorneys on Long IslandIn October 2010, the State Legislature in New York enacted guidelines for calculating temporary spousal maintenance. The purpose of this new statute is to provide consistency in spousal maintenance awards by judges. The temporary maintenance law provides a formula by which the parties to a matrimonial lawsuit can determine what, if any, spousal maintenance is required to be paid on a temporary basis.

Temporary Maintenance Law Does Not Work

The temporary maintenance statute has not accomplished its goal. It has created more problems in divorce proceedings than it has resolved. The statutory formula replaced the prior system of determining temporary spousal maintenance which was based on the Court exercising its discretion after assessing the financial circumstances and the needs of the parties.

The intent of temporary spousal maintenance is to allow the non-moneyed spouse to maintain his or her standard of living that existed prior to the initiation of the divorce lawsuit. The legislature took action to draft a temporary maintenance statute because of the feeling that there was a lack of consistency and predictability by allowing Judges to determine each case on a case by case basis.

Bankrupting The Moneyed Spouse

In to in many cases the writer of this article has been involved with, the application of the temporary maintenance statute has financially ruined the moneyed spouse. This statute unfortunately over emphasizes the wages of the moneyed spouse. It does not take into consideration the financial needs of the parties and their actual living expenses. The formula does not take into consideration the payments for household expenses such as mortgage payments, electric payments, fuel oil, payments for internet service, telephone charges, maintenance of the property, child support and attorney’s fees during the course of litigation. The approach utilized by this statute does not accurately deal with the specific financial obligations and needs of the parties.

Rigid Formula Must Go!

The new maintenance statue needs to be revised. It is a rigid formula that denies the Court from having the necessary discretion to deal with the unique financial circumstances litigants are exposed to. In some situations spouses are receiving interim spousal maintenance awards in cases and at the conclusion, they receive no spousal maintenance. How can this be fair?maintenance and custody attorneys

What You Shouldn’t Say To Friends Who Don’t Have Children

When a couple has children it is usually an extremely significant event in their lives.  The raising of children changes many aspects of the couples life.  One of the aspects that can be negatively impacted on is the friendships with couples that do not have children.  There are important things you should never say to a couple that doesn’t have children.

I Guess You Have A Pet

Pets can be a large part of a couples life.  However they are never a substitute for having a child.  You should never talk to a childless couple in a manner that sounds like it is a consolation prize for not having children.

When Do You Intend On Having Children?

Couples that have the blessing of children often want their friends to share in their wonderful experiences.  However, asking other couples about when they plan on having children in public situations is definitely a no-no.  There are a variety of reasons why couples don’t have children.  Sometimes they decide having children isn’t right for them. There could be medical problems such as infertility that the couple is facing.  If you want to discuss issues concerning why a couple isn’t having children you should very carefully and very discreetly bring it up only in private conversations.

I Guess You Get A Lot More Sleep Than I Do?

Couples with children are very often up during the night dealing with their children’s issues.  But the opposite is also untrue.  Couples generally do not decide to not have children because they want to sleep more at night.  Comments can sound like the couple is acting in a shallow or selfish manner.

We Always Wanted To Have A Family

This expression can be misinterpreted.  Childless couples, when they hear this expression, may believe you’re saying a couple who don’t have children are not a family.  There are many types of families.  Significant others, parents, brothers and sisters, cousins, all constitute family members.

New York Divorce Lawyers

If you are married and things don’t work out, you may need to get divorced.  In those situations the New York divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo can help you out.  The divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have more than 100 years of combined legal experience in dealing with matrimonial and family law cases.  Among the various of matters handled by the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo are divorce grounds, family lawchild custodychanging visitationchild abuse and child neglectdrafting separation agreementsprenuptial and post nuptial agreements.  We also have litigated cases involving mothers’ rights and fathers’ rightsThe firm has extensive experience in dealing with high net worth divorce issues. Call for a free consultation.

Women Given Equal Rights to Become the Queen of England

crownpic1-150x150Female children in England now have an equal chance to become the Head of State. If newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton have a daughter, she can now become Queen. This is true even if she has younger brothers. The countries in the English Commonwealth have recently agreed to change the century-old rules concerning who can become the Head of State in England. In the past, ascension to the throne always took sons over daughters. But now if William and Kate, Dutchess of Cambridge, have a daughter she would be beat out her younger brothers to becoming the Head of State. She would become Queen! Before these changes can become fully effective they must be approved by the legislators of all sixteen nations in the English Commonwealth where Queen Elizabeth is considered the Head of State.

There has been speculation that Kate Middleton will be starting a family soon. This rule change has been discussed for the purpose of dealing with Kate’s children, especially if the oldest child is a daughter.

Hugo Vicors, an expert on the Royal Family, recently stated “you shouldn’t muck around too much with the Constitution, but it is a good idea to change this at this time. It’s much better to have it sorted out before any babies come along.” Although the new rule applies to future heirs to the throne, it does not impact on the current lines of succession. The current prime minister, David Cameron is a big proponent of these changes. He feels it’s important to give women equality regarding this issue.

Women’s Rights and Men’s Rights

Both men and women have equal rights involving divorces and family court issues. They are both entitled to protect their rights with regard to issues of child custody, orders of protection, visitation (parenting time), child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), child abuse, child neglect proceedings, and issues involving divorce and separation agreements. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have more than 100 years of combined legal experience in dealing with these issues. Should you have a matrimonial or family law issue, call us we can help you.

Getting Divorced During an Economic Downturn

divorce-150x1502The financial crisis in the United States is causing tension within families. Financial problems can be the cause of a divorce. In most marriages the family home is the largest asset. The decline in home values over the past three or four years has resulted in many homes being worth less than the mortgages on them.

Postponing Divorce

Recent studies have shown that nearly a third of all couples who considered divorce have postponed their divorce plans due to financial problems.

Divorce and Real Estate Issues

What do you do with the house in the divorce? Who stays in the house? Who is responsible for paying the bills on the house? These are significant issues that must be dealt with.

Living Together Until Financial Problems Can Be Dealt With

One choice for couples who don’t get along is to continue living together, but not as man and wife. These couples live together with the hope that their financial situation will improve and they will be able to sell their home and get their equity out of it. However, there is no sign the real estate market is improving throughout the majority of the United States. Furthermore, there is always a question as to whether living with someone you don’t get along with creates a negative environment for the children or will result in domestic violence.

Are the Mortgage Payments Behind?

If the mortgage payments are behind, the unhappy couple will eventually be receiving a foreclosure notice. Is it better to sell the house now or wait until it’s sold in foreclosure?

Modern Divorce

Divorce can be a contentious issue or it can be negotiated. The best solution for couples that don’t get along is for them to sit down with attorneys and negotiate in a mature, amicable manner, in either a divorce settlement or separation agreement. This will help avoid the acrimony and high cost of litigation.

New York and Long Island Divorce Lawyer

The Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have been handling divorces in the Metropolitan New York area for over 33 years. We litigate all aspects of divorce related proceedings in the Supreme Court and Family Court. These proceedings involve divorce grounds, no fault divorce, child custody, mothers’ rights, fathers’ rights, child support, downward modification of child support, spousal maintenance (alimony)and domestic violence issues. In addition, we negotiate separation agreements, prenuptial agreementsand post-nuptial agreements for our clients. We litigate equitable distribution issues involving doctor, dentist and lawyer licenses. Call us for a free consultation.

Task Force Created to Investigate Family Courts

FamilyCourt-150x150Steven P. Younger, Esq., the president of the New York State Bar Association, has recently formed a task force to look into the numerous problems and difficulties facing the Family Courts in the state of New York.

President Younger has put together individuals with expertise in diverse areas for the purpose of conducting a study as to how to deal with current and future difficulties facing the Family Courts. The Family Court Task Force will examine numerous issues for the purpose of coming up with solutions as to how to improve the operation of the Family Courts in New York. The following is a list of some of the issues that will be explored by this new task force:

1. Are additional resources required for the Family Court? If so, what resources?

2. How can the staff in the Family Court be best utilized?

3. Are there new technologies and/or efficiencies in the market place that will assist the Family Court?

4. What can be done to improve the level of service provided by the Family Court for the individuals who appear in these courts?

President Younger stated, “There may be no place where shaping the future and restoring confidence in our governmental institutions comes together as clearly as in our Family Court system. To thousands of New Yorkers, Family Courts are the face of our legal system; but, unfortunately, with over-crowded dockets, too few judges, and far too many delays, these courts resemble hospital emergency rooms and our family law attorneys are forced to perform triage.”

The Family Courts deal with “bread and butter” family issues. Child support, child abuse and domestic violence are the types of cases the Family Courts see every day. There were 4,000 filings for every judge sitting in the Family Courts in New York State.

How can one person handle so many cases in a year? The area of the state with the greatest problems presented in the Family Court lies within the city of New York. There have been no new judgeships created in the city of New York since 1991. Since then, the amount of filings in the Family Court have gone from 206,000 to 253,000. In a state-wide basis, there were more than 750,000 Family Court proceedings brought last year.

We don’t need a commission to determine what’s wrong with the Family Courts. We need more judges and more personnel. The state needs to spend more money dealing with family issues.

The Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo

Our law firm represents men, women and children regarding matrimonial and family issues in the Family Courts and the Supreme Courts in New York State. We protect mothers’ rights, fathers’ rights and families’ rights. We handle divorce, custody, paternity and equitable distribution issues. If you have questions on these issues, feel free to contact us for a free consultation at 1-800-344-6431, 516-561-6645 or 718-350-2802.

Mother Can Relocate As Long As She “Skypes”

skype2-videocall-150x150James and Debra Baker were married in the year 2000. Their Marriage lasted until 2008, when they were divorced. They have two children, a six year old daughter and a nine year old son.

The Bakers’ home recently went into foreclosure. Mrs. Baker had lost her job as a bookkeeper. Mr. Baker, a construction worker, has a take home pay of only $600 a month.

Mrs. Baker brought a proceeding in Suffolk County court before Supreme Court Judge Jerry Garguilo, requesting that she be allowed to move to Venice Beach, Florida, so she could live with her parents. It was her hope that she could obtain full-time employment in Florida.

Skype Visitation:

Judge Garguilo conducted a two-day trial with regard to the proceeding. Judge Garguilo rendered a decision granting Mrs. Baker’s petition that she facilitate visitation by using SKYPE. In fact, the relocation was conditioned on Mrs. Baker having a computer and maintaining SKYPE capability. When Judge Garguilo authorized Mrs. Baker to move, he made it conditional on the children being available three times to communicate with their father through SKYPE.

This is a very innovative way of dealing with a relocation issue. Perhaps if the mother had greater financial resources, she would also be responsible for providing the children with round-trip airfare to facilitate in-person visitation with the father.

Should you have visitation or relocation questions or issues, call us at 1-800-344-6431, or contact us by email.

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