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New York Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

The following is an explanation of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process:

  1. You meet with us and you provide us various financial information concerning your assets, your income and your debts.
  2. We prepare a bankruptcy petition for you.
  3. Before filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy there is an educational requirement that must be met. You must take an approved credit counseling course before filing a petition. This courses can be taken on the internet or on the telephone and take approximately an 1.5 hours.
  4. You attend a 341 meeting of the creditors at the United States Bankruptcy Court. Before attending the creditors meeting you will meet with us and we’ll describe to you what happens at the meeting and the questions you’ll be asked. An attorney from our office will appear with you at the creditor’s meeting.
    At the creditors meeting a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case will ask you questions under oath. He or she will seek to verify the truthfulness of the information contained in your bankruptcy petition and see to it that your statement of financial affairs filed with the petition is correct. The trustee will also look into whether you met your means test obligation under the bankruptcy code and whether you have assets which are not exempt that can be utilized to pay your creditors. Your examination by the trustee will take approximately 10 minutes. However, you may wait around as long as two hours before he or she gets to you!
  5. After leaving the creditors meeting the trustee may notify your attorney that he or she wants more documents or information. After providing the further information, if required, the case will be closed. At that point in time you will need to take the second half of the credit counseling course, either on the internet or on the phone.
  6. The process isn’t painful! Filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not a complicated or difficult process. You will not be embarrassed, aggravated, insulted, subject to ridicule or hassled by the bankruptcy trustee. It is a straight forward process designed to allow you to rehabilitate yourself, get a fresh start and obtain new credit.

Contact An Attorney Experienced With The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process in New York

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