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Mother’s Divorce Rights Attorneys on Long Island

mothers-rightsMother’s from the beginning of time have played a crucial role in the raising their children. In most cases mothers seek custody of their children. Sometimes custody litigation ensues between a father and a mother regarding who should be the custodial parent of the children.

Up until 1988, it was presumed the mother would always receive custody of her children unless she was “unfit.” Being an unfit mother was defined as being a drug addict, having a mental impairment, being an alcoholic, being neglectful or abusive to the children or being unable to handle the custodial responsibilities of raising children.

Since 1988 this is no longer true. Today fathers and mothers have equal rights to custody. Custody litigation is much more common in both the Supreme Court and the Family Court. Father’s often seek custody!

Obtaining Custody for the Working Mother

In America today it is common for women to work after they have children. In cases where both the father and mother are working on a full time basis, the issues involving who will receive custody become more complicated. In these situations it is no longer as clear as it was in the past who is the primary nurturing parent. It is extremely important in these situations to have aggressive, experienced lawyers representing you in custody proceedings.

Solomon-like Decision

In the Old Testament there is a story of a custody dispute. Two woman had babies on or about the same time. During the course of an evening while the babies slept next to each other one of them died. Both women claimed that the remaining child was hers. The dispute was brought to King Solomon.

King Solomon upon hearing this dispute ordered his body guard to draw his sword and cut the baby in half and gave one half to each mother. When the body guard unsheathed his sword one mother threw her body on the child to protect the child from the sword. She screamed to King Solomon give the child to the other woman. King Solomon realized that only the natural mother would take such an action and gave her the child and punished the other woman for her lies.

Unfortunately judges today do not have the wisdom of King Solomon. They also are very busy. It is up to the attorney handling the custody dispute on the behalf of each litigant to develop a sophisticated logical presentation to show why his or her client is the more appropriate person to receive custody.

Questions Facing Mothers Regarding Divorce Proceedings

Getting married is usually a happy experience. Unfortunately, getting divorced can be painful, and problematic. A woman can face more stress than a man when it comes to the break up of her marriage. Issues concerning child custody, spousal maintenance, child support, who gets to live in the house, and a variety of other issues can make a mother’s life extremely difficult. Issues concerning a woman’s security, financial stability, and a family support system for a mother raising her children by herself can be most stressful. Before a mother enters into divorce, some of the issues she should consider are: Will I be able to get custody of my children? Will the children and I be entitled to live in our home? How can I afford to continue to live in my home with my children? Do I receive child support? Can I receive spousal maintenance (alimony)? What happens to the marital bank accounts? While I am working, will the father help pay for child care? Am I entitled to a portion of my husband’s pension?

Helping Women In Divorces

There are many questions besides the ones referred to above which a woman will face when she realizes her marriage is ending. This is a time to have an experienced, sensitive attorney to turn to. The divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo are very familiar with issues facing women in divorce cases. Our attorneys quickly respond to phone calls and emails and are available for appointments during days and evenings. A woman should feel comfortable with the attorney she hires in a divorce and he or she must be available during the crucial times during the course of the divorce process. For more than 35 years the attorneys at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have strived to be sensitive to the type of problems women have in divorce litigation.
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