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Foreclosure Settlement Conferences

On December 15, 2009, legislation was signed into law in New York requiring all lenders seeking to foreclose on their mortgages to attend a settlement conference. Lenders are required to participate in such conferences prior to being able to move forward with foreclosure lawsuits.

The purpose of these conferences is to allow the court an opportunity to try to work out a settlement to stop the foreclosure from moving forward. Most of the settlements involve the parties entering into a mortgage modification arrangement concerning the mortgage.

Mortgage Modification

At the settlement conference the court meets with the attorneys and inquires as to whether the matter can be resolved amicable. We usually advise the court that our clients seek to remain in their home and we want to work out a mortgage modification to accomplish this.

The court will usually adjourn the case to allow the mortgage modification process to go forward. On the next court date we go brief the court concerning the status of the mortgage modification process. We use this technique to try to exert pressure on the financial institution to agree to a mortgage modification.

Our law office has extensive experience in representing our clients at foreclosure settlement conferences throughout the metropolitan New York area. Our attorneys have participated in hundreds of these conferences. We have the resources, the experience and the knowledge to assist our clients in obtaining mortgage modifications to help deal with the foreclosure of their home. By submitting an answer, asserting counterclaims and tying the case up in court, the debtor is often able to obtain leverage to motivate the financial institution to enter into an appropriate, realistic mortgage modification that the debtor can afford to pay.

New York Foreclosure Attorney

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New York Foreclosure Attorney – Foreclosure Settlements

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