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Mother Can Relocate As Long As She “Skypes”

skype2-videocall-150x150James and Debra Baker were married in the year 2000. Their Marriage lasted until 2008, when they were divorced. They have two children, a six year old daughter and a nine year old son.

The Bakers’ home recently went into foreclosure. Mrs. Baker had lost her job as a bookkeeper. Mr. Baker, a construction worker, has a take home pay of only $600 a month.

Mrs. Baker brought a proceeding in Suffolk County court before Supreme Court Judge Jerry Garguilo, requesting that she be allowed to move to Venice Beach, Florida, so she could live with her parents. It was her hope that she could obtain full-time employment in Florida.

Skype Visitation:

Judge Garguilo conducted a two-day trial with regard to the proceeding. Judge Garguilo rendered a decision granting Mrs. Baker’s petition that she facilitate visitation by using SKYPE. In fact, the relocation was conditioned on Mrs. Baker having a computer and maintaining SKYPE capability. When Judge Garguilo authorized Mrs. Baker to move, he made it conditional on the children being available three times to communicate with their father through SKYPE.

This is a very innovative way of dealing with a relocation issue. Perhaps if the mother had greater financial resources, she would also be responsible for providing the children with round-trip airfare to facilitate in-person visitation with the father.

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