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Child Custody Lawyers On Long Island and In New York City

Child Custody | Legal Custody | Custody Rights

Serving Nassau County, Suffolk County and Queens County

Child custody, support, and visitation schedule decisions are some of the most important aspects of a divorce proceeding for individuals with children. At The Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo, we have successfully handled hundreds of custody cases. We can help everyone involved determine what is in the best interest of the child or children involved, taking into account the rights of all parties to a divorce.

Difficult Custody Issues

Custody is almost always the most difficult and emotional component of a divorce in New York. It is a litigated issue, and the resulting decision is made by a judge, as an impersonal “third party” to your divorce. In New York, both parents are presumed to have an equal opportunity to gain custody. There are many factors that can influence a court’s decision about custody. In the event an amicable resolution of the custody matter cannot be worked out between the parents and their attorneys, a Judge in either a Supreme Court Judge or a Family Court Judge, will make the final decision determining which of the parents shall receive custody of their children. The Court will award custody to the parent it feels is the superior individual with regard to the best interests of the children.

Attorney for the Child or Children

Since a child is normally not represented in a divorce trial, the New York Court will often appoint an attorney for the child to represent the child or children. The attorney for the child will make an investigation and issue a recommendation regarding child custody and an appropriate visitation schedule.

Different Custody Arrangements

Sole Physical Custody: Sole physical custody involves an arrangement where the children live with one of the parents. The other parent in sole custody situations, has visitation with the children.

Joint Custody: In joint custody situations both parents have input to major decisions regarding the children’s lives. In joint custody cases, there is usually one parent named as the residential custodial parent and this is considered the principal place of residence of the children. Joint custody is not equal custody. Although joint custody involves input from both parents in decision making on major issues, it does not necessarily refer to a situation where the children live 50 percent of the time with one parent and 50 percent of the time with the other parent. Joint custody arrangements are usually worked out, out of court. Courts in New York will generally not make a joint custody award unless the judge believes both parents are willing to compromise with each other and set aside personal problems they have with each other for the purpose of working towards the best interests of the children.

Custody litigation in the courts in New York can be a painstaking, slow process. This process can create emotional problems for the parties involved and especially the children. If there are issues involving custody concerning your children, it is important you have the best legal representation from the beginning of your legal difficulties.

Our Experience and Success Rate Applies to the Most Complex Custody Matters

Our law office has extensive experience with one parent crossing jurisdictional lines potentially complicating custody, visitation and child support issues. We have represented our clients in international parental kidnapping cases with parents taking children as far away as India, China, Cambodia and Latin America. We have also handled international parental kidnapping cases, with parents taking a child as far as India and China. We have successfully fought for the rights of parents who have served their time in jail and know that it is in the best interest of their children to have a relationship with both parents. All of these cases require skill, effort and dedication beyond what is necessary in the scope of an average divorce and/or Family Court proceeding. We are the law firm you can trust with the most complex-custody matters.

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The Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo litigates child custody, divorces and Family Court proceedings in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, in Queens, Kings, New York, Richmond and Bronx County in the City of New York as well as Westchester County.

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