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Violence In Judge’s Chambers During Florida Divorce

Kathleen Scott-Gonzalez appeared in court for a hearing on her divorce in Plantation, Florida. She expected this to be the final day of the trial on her divorce case. What she didn’t anticipate was that she would be beaten up by her husband in the judge’s chambers and end up with a broken nose and fractured jaw!

Kathleen and her husband Paul Gonzalez were in Judge Rothschild’s chambers. A hearing was underway concerning the issue of child support. Paul Gonzalez was acting as his own attorney. Both Paul Gonzalez and his wife Kathleen are ex marines.

Child Support

Judge Rothschild was talking about child support. At that time Paul Gonzalez stood up and left the room. Judge Rothschild invited both litigants into his chambers to discuss the matter. When Paul Gonzalez entered Judge Rothschild’s chambers, he started punching his wife. He was behind her and started punching her in the back of her head. Unfortunately, there was no court officer in the room to prevent the assault. Both Judge Rothschild and Kathleen Gonzalez’s lawyer helped stop the beating. Eventually court officers came in to the room and subdued Mr. Gonzalez.

Paul Gonzalez has been charged with felony battery and resisting arrest. He is currently spending his time in the Brownwood County jail. His bail has been set at one million dollars.

Kathleen Gonzalez advises men and women if they are afraid their spouse, even in a court setting, they should ask the court for additional security. Kathleen Gonzalez thought she was safe in court. In the case of her divorce, she wasn’t!

Father’s Rights Lawyer

Fathers should never represent themselves in a divorce. They should have knowledgeable father’s rights lawyers by their side at all times during matrimonial or family court proceedings.

The attorneys at the father’s rights Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have extensive experience in dealing with issues involving paternity, child custody, orders of protection, child visitation and child support. We represent fathers wrongly accused of child abuse and child neglect by CPS and ACS. We deal with the attorneys for the child also in these proceedings. When fathers are downsized or lose their jobs, we bring applications to reduce their child support.

Our law office has extensive experience in dealing with parental relocation problems (when one parent moves), grandparent’s rights and equitable distribution of assets in a divorce. Our attorneys represent men in the Supreme Courts and Family Courts of Nassau County, Queens County, Kings County and throughout the rest of the Metropolitan New York area. Call for a free consultation.

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