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Attacking Womens’ Rights

abortion.bmpThe No Tax Payer Funding for Abortion Act denies women basic rights to control their own bodies. This statute was recently passed by the United States House of Representatives.This new statute seeks to limit abortions by denying access to insurance coverage in the private market place to cover the costs of abortions. This is done by using the nation’s tax system as a weapon against medical coverage paying for the cost of abortion.

This statute would deny tax credits to small businesses that have private insurance plans that offer abortion coverage. At the present time, 87% of all private insurance plans provide some insurance benefits for abortions. It should be noted that the statute does not place restrictions on large corporations having insurance plans that cover abortions.

This new statute eliminates the medical expense deduction for most abortions. It also eliminates the availability of reimbursement for abortions through medical savings programs maintained by employers. In summary, this new statute seeks to use the federal tax system to stop individuals from having abortions.

President Obama to Veto This Anti-Women’s Statute

President Obama, in a wise decision, has made it clear that he will veto this statute that attacks womens’ rights. I applaud the President Obama on his open-mindedness regarding this issue.

Long Island Divorce and Family Court Lawyers

The Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo has more than 33 years of experience representing individuals with regard to all aspects of matrimonial and family law. This includes divorces, family court issues, orders of protection, child custody, child abuse and child neglect, annulments, fathers’ rights and mothers’ rights matters. In addition, we negotiate separation agreements, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Feel free to call us for a free consultation.

President Obama Focuses on Women’s Rights Issues

President Obama has recently spoken with regard to women’s rights issues. Women today are more likely to graduate from college than men. Statistics show that they still earn less money, on average, than men. Studies also show that the financial circumstances of women are generally not up to the same standards as that of men.

The President recently stated, “achieving equality and opportunity for women isn’t just important to me as president, it’s something I care about deeply as the father of two daughters who want to see his girls grow up in a world where there are no limits to what they can achieve.”


Gender Discrimination

When President Obama was first elected, he signed legislation allowing women who have been discriminated against concerning salaries from their employers to have access to the courts for legal redress. When the United States Senate blocked action on a proposal to treat gender discrimination involving salaries in the same manner as racial, disability and age discrimination, President Obama indicated he was sadly disappointed.

The President said, “at a time when folks across the country are struggling to make ends meet – and many families are just trying to get by on one paycheck after a job loss – it’s a reminder that achieving equal pay for equal work isn’t just a woman’s issue, it’s a family issue.”

Paycheck Fairness Act

Republicans and various business groups oppose the Paycheck Fairness Act. They claim it would cause employers to face more litigation by removing limits concerning punitive damages and monetary damage awards.

Fathers’ Rights in the Family Court

In the Family Court in the state of New York, the laws are gender neutral. Both men and women are supposed to be treated equally. However, my experience is that sometimes there is an unequal treatment of men and women. Men are sometimes treated unfairly in the Family Court and in the Supreme Court concerning divorce related issues. Our law office has been protecting fathers’ rights for more than thirty years. We litigate issues involving Child Protective Services and Administration for Children’s Services problems. We deal with child abuse and child neglect proceedings, spousal maintenance issues, child support, paternity, child custodyvisitation with children, orders of protection and all other divorce and Family Court issues. We take fathers’ rights seriously! Call us for a free consultation.

A Gift to Americans From Congress and President Obama

President Obama, in a statesman-like series of decisions, has worked out a compromise with the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives regarding jobless benefits, income taxes and estate taxes. Although some of the President’s democratic colleagues did not see eye-to-eye with the President on this issue, in the spirit of compromise, they have also agreed to the new tax law.


Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010: The George Bush Era Tax Rates for all Taxpayers

President Obama had initially said he would let this tax law expire because he felt it was too generous to individuals he felt were “wealthy”. President Obama described wealthy individuals as individuals who earned over $250,000.00 per year. Please be advised, President Obama, that individuals who earn $250,000.00 per year in the State of New York are NOT WEALTHY. Yes, they are earning a significant income; but considering the tax rates and the cost of living in New York, they are basically living at a high middle-class level.

The new tax bill has a cost of $858 billion over the years 2011 and 2012. This new law extends various business tax breaks that were initially designed to encourage further investments into business infrastructure that expired in the year 2009.

New Social Security Rate

The Social Security rate for the year 2011 will be cut by a third, from 6.2% to 4.2%. This will save a working individual, who earns $50,000.00 per year, approximately $1,000.00. The social security tax rate will go back up again in 2012 to 6.2%.

Estate Taxes: New Estate Tax Rates

The estate tax rate for 2011 and 2012 will be 35% for assets over $5 million. Individuals will also be entitled to have a stepped-up date of death cost basis in any property that is inherited for 2011 and 2012.

President Obama Moves to the Center

President Obama is moving towards the political center. This agreement will give President Obama a forceful campaign issue when he runs for re-election. He will be able to campaign on the basis that he did not raise taxes! He will further be able to argue that he sustained the economy by keeping the tax reductions set up by his predecessor, George Bush, in effect. This will take the punch out of the Republican presidential candidates’ election platforms. They usually accuse Democrats of being addicted to tax and spend policies.

It should be noted that President Obama had to change his position with regard to extending the Bush era tax cuts. On several previous occasions, President Obama had made it clear that he would not extend the Bush era tax cuts for all Americans. He was only prepared to extend them for individuals who earned less than $250,000.00 per year. President Obama’s compromising on this issue was the right thing to do.

Wills and Trusts Attorneys

The Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo, for more than three decades, has been assisting their clients with estate administration, estate planning and the drafting of wills and trusts. Our law office has extensive experience in dealing with estate situations when individuals die without a will (intestate). In estates where there are estate taxation issues, we can assist the administrator, executors and trustees in all aspects of estate and tax planning. Feel free to call our law office at 1-800-344-6431, 516-561-6645 or 718-350-2802 for assistance with all issues involving wills, trusts, estates and elder care concerns.

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