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Attacking Womens’ Rights

abortion.bmpThe No Tax Payer Funding for Abortion Act denies women basic rights to control their own bodies. This statute was recently passed by the United States House of Representatives.This new statute seeks to limit abortions by denying access to insurance coverage in the private market place to cover the costs of abortions. This is done by using the nation’s tax system as a weapon against medical coverage paying for the cost of abortion.

This statute would deny tax credits to small businesses that have private insurance plans that offer abortion coverage. At the present time, 87% of all private insurance plans provide some insurance benefits for abortions. It should be noted that the statute does not place restrictions on large corporations having insurance plans that cover abortions.

This new statute eliminates the medical expense deduction for most abortions. It also eliminates the availability of reimbursement for abortions through medical savings programs maintained by employers. In summary, this new statute seeks to use the federal tax system to stop individuals from having abortions.

President Obama to Veto This Anti-Women’s Statute

President Obama, in a wise decision, has made it clear that he will veto this statute that attacks womens’ rights. I applaud the President Obama on his open-mindedness regarding this issue.

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