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Track Your Cheating Spouse With iPhone Application


There is a new application for the iPhone 4S. This application can track people. An interesting case involves a man who purchased a new iPhone 4S for his wife and loaded the “Find my friends app” onto her phone without her knowing about it. He had been suspicious about her meeting another man for liasons. She told him she was going to one place and he tracked her on the iPhone app. to another.

This new iPhone application can be used by boyfriends and girlfriends to track significant others to see if they are telling the truth as to where they’re going, should foul play be a possibility. The wonders of new technology. Now instead of hiring a private investigator to track your spouse, you can simply put an app on their iPhone and figure out where they’re going. So much for trust in relationships!

The new iPhone 4S has been a spectacular success. This new operating system has been purchased by more than four million people during its first three days on the market. It is too bad Steve Jobs didn’t live long enough to see this tremendous success of Apple’s newest product.

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