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The Cruise From Hell

cruise-150x150In November of 2010, 4,500 passengers embarked on a cruise on the Carnival Splendor. The cruise ended-up being a horrible experience for everyone involved. At or around dawn, many passengers awoke to a shaking of the entire ship. When they went out to the hallway, it was filled with smoke. Crew members told passengers to go to the life boats. The passengers, who were in their night clothes, left their rooms and headed towards the lifeboats. Although it wasn’t necessary for the passengers to abandon the Carnival Splendor, they were stranded for three days under difficult circumstances.

A fire caused the ship to lose power. This caused all the food on the ship to spoil. The ship was in the dark. At the time this happened, the ship was too far from land for cell phones to work. The ship was without air conditioning, hot water or hot food. All of the toilets backed up and the ship developed a stench from human waste. Navy helicopters had to supply food to the ship through an air lift. The cabins were without air conditioning. They were stuffy and hot.

The cruise ship was brought into San Diego harbor by tug boats. The Carnival Cruise Ship Line is giving all passengers a refund. In addition to the cost of the cruise, they are also refunding air fares and providing all passengers with a free cruise.

I have never taken a cruise. My major reason for not going on a cruise is that there are no tennis courts on cruise ships. I also like to stay in one place. My wife and I have recently discussed going on a cruise. I don’t look forward to being in a place that I can’t leave, especially if there are problems. I have no intention of going on a cruise in the near future.

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