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The Grandparents’ Custody Lawyer – Part II

grandparents custody lawyersChildren’s Best Interests

There are a variety of factors which can be considered by a court when looking into whether the children’s best interests would require the grandparents to receive custody of their grandchildren. Some of these factors are:

  • whether the parents have drug or alcohol issues
  • whether there is physical abuse taking place between the parents themselves, or between the parents and the children
  • whether a child or the children have a problem living with the parents
  • whether there is mental abuse taking place between the parents in their residence and/or between the parents and the children
  • who shows the love, affection and nurturing nature that will contribute to the best interests of the children
  • do the natural parents have the ability to provide a safe residence, appropriate food and clothing for the children
  • have the parents provided appropriate medical care for their children
  • who would the children prefer to live with (this becomes a more important factor as the children grow older).


Grandparents are an incredible, unique resource for their grandchildren. Every grandchild should have loving grandparents in addition to having loving parents. However, in situations where the children’s best interests may require legal intervention by the grandparents, grandparents who are willing to take responsibility for their grandchildren, can literally save their grandchildren’s lives. An important step in bringing legal proceedings is retaining an experienced, dedicated law firm to represent the grandparents in these proceedings. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have more than 100 years of combined legal experience negotiating and litigating grandparents’ rights issues.>grandparents rights attorney

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