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Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Allegations

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Domestic violence situations often occur in residences. Domestic violence cases involving requests for Orders of Protection, arrests by the police, and applications in the Family Court usually involve individuals who live in the same residence. The District Attorney’s offices in the Metropolitan New York area take allegations of domestic violence quite seriously. Many of the District Attorney’s offices have special units designed to investigate and prosecute domestic violence cases.

Sexual Abuse: Forcible Touching

In the State of New York there are a variety of related crimes: sexual assault, sexual abuse and improper touching. New York has a new statute involving forcible touching. This involves individuals touching other individuals without permission in an inappropriate and/or degrading manner.

The sexual related crimes take into consideration the age of the victim, the circumstances of the crime, the nature and extent of the contact. In certain situations individuals convicted of sexual crimes have to file under the sex offender registration statute. Our office has experience in dealing with false charges involving sexual abuse related to domestic disputes and cases involving divorces and/or custody litigation.

Attorney Elliot S. Schlissel

False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Improper and false allegations of sexual abuse can have impact on all aspects of a person’s life. It can cause an individual to be thrown out of his or her home, lose their job and/or be considered a sex offender, which will create numerous problems in finding future employment. All cases involving alleged sexual domestic violence issues should be taken very seriously. If you, or a friend, or family member are accused of a sexual related incident or domestic violence matter, it is important you retain competent counsel as quickly as possible.

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