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Internet Crimes: Child Pornography on the Internet

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In recent years there has been many prosecutions of individuals relating to downloading or uploading child pornography through the internet. In addition, contact on the internet with minors or providing obscene material to minors, is also a crime. These cases are prosecuted by federal investigators, state investigators and local police departments. These law enforcement agencies often pose as minors on the internet to obtain information to prosecute individuals involved in these inappropriate illegal activities.

Jail Sentences for Internet Related Crimes

Attorney Elliot S. Schlissel

The jail sentences for internet related crimes involving child pornography and inappropriate sexual contact with minors can be very harsh.

Should you be contacted by law enforcement personnel with regard to alleged obscene material, child pornography or contact with minors on the internet, you should immediately advise the investigating authorities that you wish to make no statement until you consult with an attorney. The retaining of an attorney early on in these investigations is crucial. Statements made to investigating officers can be used against you in courts of law.

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