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Wife Gives Condo to Ex-husband

willsJustice Belen sits in the Appellate Division of the Second Department located in Brooklyn. He recently wrote a decision regarding a joint will involving Sandra Angelo Murray. In the year 2000, Mr. & Mrs. Murray entered into a divorce settlement agreement. In the divorce settlement, they reaffirmed their 1993 joint will. This 1993 joint will bequeathed to the survivor of the two the entire estate of the first person to die, as well as property which either of them had the power to dispose of.

After the divorce, Sandra Murray deeded their Florida condo to her ex-husband. He deeded title of the condo in Roslyn, New York, to Sandra. They traded one property for another. In 2006, the Roslyn condo became part of an irrevocable trust. In the year 2007, Sandra conveyed the Rosyln condo equally to her and Jerome’s four children.

A proceeding was brought under the New York Surrogates Court Procedure Act in Nassau County. The Surrogates Court held, and the 2nd Department (an appeals court) affirmed, that the will from 1993 was binding. Sandra could only bequeath the condo in Rosyln to Jerome. She could not bequeath it to her four children. The deed turning over the condo to the four children was therefore set aside and Jerome received the condo.


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