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The Divorce Hotel

long island divorce attorneysHolland is a very progressive country. An entrepreneur in Holland has come up with the idea of a divorce hotel. Under this concept, couples with marital difficulties check into a hotel for a weekend. James Halfens has developed the concept of the divorce hotel. He is contracted with numerous hotels in Holland. The divorce hotel involves a hotel package agreement where for a fee of between $3500 and $10,000, the hotel provides mediators and lawyers who work with a couple during the course of a weekend to negotiate a settlement of all matrimonial issues. This paves the way for an amicable, uncontested divorce. Under this divorce hotel concept, at the end of the long weekend, the paperwork is completed regarding an uncontested divorce and the documents are submitted to a judge.

Divorce Hotels Coming to the United States

Is a divorce hotel coming to a neighborhood near you? So far, seventeen couples have bought the divorce hotel package in Holland. Sixteen of the couples were able to negotiate, during the course of the weekend, the arrangements for their divorce. James Halfens is eager to bring his divorce hotel package to the United States. He is currently in negotiations with a number of hotels in both Los Angeles and New York City. In addition, he is also in negotiations with television production companies who are interested in developing a reality television series based on the concept of the divorce hotel.

Although this seems like an interesting concept, the writer does not believe it will work in New York or in Los Angeles. The divorce process in the United States is significantly more complicated than in Europe. Issues involving child custody, division of assets, who lives in the home, spousal support, and other difficult issues need to be worked out on a timely basis in divorces. Couples need time to digest settlement negotiations and reach reasoned decisions concerning their future and the future of their children.


help secure your rights during a divorceThe divorce hotel concept is a great idea for Holland but not a particularly good idea for the United States marketplace.

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