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Sex Offender Release

images1-150x150Clifton Mack, age 48, had an extensive history of being a sex offender. In 1991 he was convicted of seducing young boys. He had prior convictions dating back to the 80’s for molesting young boys.

In 2005, he participated in a prison treatment program. He did not complete the program because he was kicked out. He was kicked out of the program for possessing materials depicting naked children!

Recently, despite overwhelming evidence that Clifton Mack who had spend 16 years in prison for molesting young boys and cannot control his pedophilia, a new state judge ruled that he lacked authority to institutionalize Mack upon his release from prison.

Acting Supreme Court Justice Michael A. Gross of the Bronx stated that his hands were tied. The 2007 New York State law which establishes civil confinement for dangerous sex offenders expressly mandated the release of a prisoner when he completed his prison sentence if a jury determines he had no “mental abnormality” making it likely that he would commit additional sex offenses.

History Of Arrest

Mr. Mack was first convicted in 1986 for exposing himself to a group of young boys and trying to molest them. He was sentence to 5 years of probation. While on probation he was arrested for abusing young boys. Further investigation indicated he had abused as many as 10 young boys.

In 1993 Mr. Mack plead guilty to sodomy and was sentence to 8 1/4 to 16 1/2 years in prison. In June 2009, he was transferred to a state psychiatric center in the Bronx awaiting the determination of the states confinement application.

Judge Gross’s ruling that he could not hold Mr. Mack in civil confinement is extremely upsetting. The law needs to be changed and strengthened. Sexual perverts should not be released to commit further crimes against young, unsuspecting victims.

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