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Family of Drowned Girl Sues New York City

no-lifeguard-services-150x150On June 22nd, 2010, sixth-grader Nicole Suriel and her class went on a school trip to Long Beach, Long Island. Her school, which is located in Harlem, arranged the trip for more than two-dozen children.

Long Beach is a lovely little city on the south shore of Long Island. It has beautiful beaches and approximately 3 miles of boardwalk on the beaches. Unfortunately, Nicole’s school did not carefully investigate the situation in Long Beach prior to scheduling the trip.

The children were taken to a beach where no lifeguards were present. There was too little supervision of the children involved. In addition, the appropriate permission slips were not obtained for all of the children.

Five Children Almost Drowned

Things went very badly for this school trip. Five of the sixth-graders came close to drowning. Luckily, four of the students were pulled out of the ocean successfully. Unfortunately, Nicole Suriel drowned. Nicole’s parents have brought a civil lawsuit against the City of New York for their negligence in the planning and supervision of this beach excursion. No matter how much money they collect it, will never bring back their daughter!

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