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Suffolk County Develops Gun Shot System

gunshot-150x150In March of 2010, Suffolk County deployed a gun shot detection system in the two square-mile area of Huntington. This gun shot detection system uses computerized sound sensors to pick up the sounds of gun shots. The system is designed to establish the location of the origin of the gunshot. It is accurate to within approximately eighty feet. The system sends an alert to the police department of the origin of the gun shots.

A similar system has been utilized in Nassau County. The system in Nassau County has helped in providing of medical care for individuals who have been wounded by gun shots. They also have assisted the police in Nassau County in quickly identifying witnesses and making it easier to find the shooters and arrest them. The gun shot detection system in Nassau County, New York, was installed in Roosevelt and Uniondale, Long Island, in July of 2009. Since the installation of the system in Nassau County, there have been nine-hundred shooting incidents. The system in Nassau County is credited with the reduction of shooting incidents in Roosevelt and Uniondale.

Suffolk County decided to install the gun shot detection system after there was a series of shootings near Jack Abrams High School in Huntington Station. The gunfire involved was thought to have emanated from individuals who were members of the Latin Kings gang. The shootings in July of 2010 resulted in a sixteen-year-old being wounded. It forced the closing of this school. It is hoped that the gun shot detection system installed in Suffolk County will reduce the number of violent crimes utilizing firearms.

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