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New York’s Anti-Bullying Law

bullying-150x150Imagine that your child is overweight or has issues concerning sexual orientation. Your child can be the butt of jokes or bullying by other children. Children can be cruel to other children. Facebook and other social media sites allow the posting of cruel articles, nasty pictures and malicious gossip. There have recently been several situations where children have committed suicide as a result of intimidation and harassment by other children. The state of New York has now taken action to deal with this issue by passing an anti-bullying law.
The new statute requires school districts to protect children against bullying. Specifically, it requires schools to deal with bullying based upon a child’s sexual orientation or weight.
Schools Responsibilities

Schools are now responsible for guarding children against discrimination and harassment related to both ethnicity and disability. The DIGNITY FOR ALL STUDENTS ACT was signed into law by Governor David Paterson on September 8, 2010. This statute, which provides protection for trans-gender students, is one of the first state statutes of this type.
Codes Of Conduct
The effect of the new statute is to cause school districts to amend their codes of student conduct. Guidelines must also be established for school employees. The school districts will have to create employee sensitivity programs to deal with the new requirements.
Each and every school will be required to have a staff member fully-trained in counseling methods. This new statute is in addition to any existing New York State and New York City anti-discrimination laws.
Protecting Children
Children need to be protected. This is a good step in that direction. In a civilized society, the strong should not be allowed to take advantage of the weak!

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