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Murder for Hire – Not a Good Way to End a Marriage

Susan Williams of Garden City, New York, was recently sentenced by Nassau County judge Norman St. George to serve 8 to 25 years in prison for hiring a hit man to murder her husband.


Divorce by Murder

Judge St. George stated, “She wanted a divorce by murder.” He further stated upon sentencing that “The court will show the same leniency to the defendant that she afforded to her husband.”

Susan Williams hired a hit man to kill her husband, Peter Williams. She was having marital difficulties with her husband. Instead of getting a divorce, she decided to murder him and collect his life insurance.

Unfortunately for Susan Williams, the man she hired and gave a five-hundred dollar deposit on a twenty thousand dollar murder-for-hire arrangement was an undercover police officer. This was her way of short cutting the divorce process.

One Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

Ms. Williams had forged her husband’s signature to a one million dollar life insurance policy in 2009. At the time of her sentencing, her children begged the court for mercy for their mother. On a surveillance video tape, Ms. Susan Williams passed on several chances to let her husband live. She stated on the video tape, “I would do it myself if I could.” The Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said Williams should have thought about her children when she planned to murder their father. Kathleen Rice stated, “She knew what she was doing was going to destroy their lives, and she did it anyway.” Kathleen Rice further stated, after Williams was sentenced, “The tears she’s crying now are for herself.”

New York Divorce Attorneys

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