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Mother Unfit to Obtain Custody: Father Awarded Permanent Sole Custody of Daughters

Justice MacKenzi, sitting in the Supreme Court in Suffolk County, awarded a father permanent sole and legal custody of his two daughters. There had previously been a temporary custody order in this case.

There were allegations that the mother had engaged in parental alienation of the parties four children against the father. The evidence showed that the mother had consistently attempted to destroy the children’s relationship with their father. This included portraying the father has a “dead beat dad.” The mother also tried to convince the children that the father was an abusive individual.

Mother Lies At Trial

At the time of the trial, the father testified and the court found him to be a credible witness. The mother’s testimony was another story. The court found her testimony was full of lies, half truths and distortions of what had happened.

The father had temporary custody of the parties’ daughters for a period of two years prior to the trial. During this period of time, his relationship with his daughters flourished. The court, in its findings, held that the father did not interfere with the mother’s relationship with her children. The court also rendered a decision stating that the mother’s interference with the father’s relationship with his daughters was to such an extent that she would be unfit to be a custodial parent.

The court awarded the father permanent and sole and physical custody of his daughters. The mother was given expanded visitation rights.


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