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Men Who Raise Their Children

wayneSarah Palin has introduced the phrase to the American vernacular of “man-up”.  The man-up phrase being utilized by right-wing Republicans brings back a type of nostalgia concerning the role of men in society.  It refers to a time when men, in business and politics, followed the John Wayne “tough-guy” roles.  These type of men could grab a rifle, get on their horse and take care of business.

Does “Man-Up” Include Raising Children?

Is a man who spends quality time with his children a real man? Today’s fathers need to be sensitive to their childrens’ needs. There are more women working in our society.  Fathers have assumed a greater responsibility for child care.  Fathers today drive their children to soccer, to school events and to doctor appointments.  Fathers participate in maintaining their households.  They go to the grocery store, they cook dinner for their children and put their children to sleep at night.  Fathers participating in their childrens’ lives have made them more equal partners with their wives in raising their children.  The “manning-up” type of fathers that Sarah Palin talks about should not be considered in what defines manhood.  Men and fathers who assist their children and other family members and participate in household duties, as well as working for a living, are the true heros of the twenty-first century.


Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

We are Fathers’ Rights attorneys.  We represent fathers in divorces, child custody and visitation proceedings, as well as child support matters.  We help fathers who have been falsely charged with child abuse and child neglect.  We help fathers deal with Orders of Protection obtained by woman on an ex parte basis (without fathers having their day in court).  We downwardly modify child support orders.  We also can assist grandparents concerning grandparents’ rights cases.  Feel free to call us for a consultation at 1-800-344-6431; 516-561-6645 or 718-350-2802.

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