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Lawyer To Be Jailed If He Doesn’t Pay Daughter’s Tuition

piggy-150x150John J.P. Krol graduated from Fordham Law School and was admitted to the bar in New York in 1982.  He is a practicing attorney.  Mr. Krol was married in 1982 and he has two sons and three daughters.  In 2008, a year after Mr. Krol started a divorce proceeding, his daughter (only identified in the proceeding as “MK”) began attending the University of Rhode Island. Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Bruno wanted Mr. Krol to pay 86% of his daughter’s college education.  Mr. Krol refused to obey the court’s order.  His wife brought an application to hold him in contempt for violating the order.  Mr. Krol eventually paid his daughter’s college tuition.  The following year, he again failed to pay the tuition.  Mrs. Krol again filed a contempt proceeding.  As a result, Mr. Krol again agreed to pay his daughter’s expenses rather than proceed with the hearing on the contempt charges.

The next semester he yet again failed to pay for his daughter’s college education. Ms. Krol brought a third application to hold her husband in contempt.  Mr. Krol argued that he was financially unable to pay the college expenses.  Mr. Krol felt he was being penalized in this case and should not have the burden of paying education expenses.

Judge Bruno, in his decision, stated that “due to the urgency of the instant application, this court finds that the defendant has exhausted other less dramatic remedies, especially having been down this path several times before.  The plaintiff does not dispute he has not paid the daughter’s college education expenses nor does he dispute other less drastic remedies should be taken”.  Judge Bruno sentenced Mr. Krol to serve six months jail time in the Nassau County correctional facility if he did not pay the tuition.  He also advised Mr. Krol that he would file a complaint with the Grievance Committee of the Bar Association with regard to his conduct.  This matter was later resolved by a stipulation entered into between the parties.

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