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Gays Can Adopt in New York

gayscanadopt-150x150A new law was recently implemented allowing unmarried same sex partners, which includes gay couples, to jointly adopt children in New York.The sponsors of this statue indicate that this law clears up any issues as to whether gay couples can jointly adopt. This statue also deals with the issues of child support, insurance, child custody and visitation issues.

Gays Cannot Marry In New York

New York still does not allow same sex marriages. This past December, the New York State Senate voted down a statue that would have legalized these relationships.

However, in the event individuals residing in New York are married in another state or country that recognizes same sex marriages, the New York courts have recognized such marriages as valid in New York. New York will also grant divorces to individuals who were married in a state or foreign jurisdiction that authorizes same sex marriages.

In the past, for same sex couples to adopt, each individual would have to adopt the child separately. There are many children who live in foster homes and need loving parents to adopt them. This new statue is a step in the right direction.

Our law firm handles issues involving into child custody, same sex relationships, family law, divorce, divorce grounds and visitation.

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