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Divorce Gone Bad

Divorce is a process where a person seeks to change his or her status of being married for the purpose of ending the marriage. It can be a quick, intelligent, well thought out process or it can be a horror story such as in the movie The War of the Roses.

An example of a divorce gone badly was recently in the newspapers in New York. Mr. And Mrs. Friedlander were involved in a tough, nasty divorce. Mr. Friedlander, a well known attorney, took a gun and murdered his wife and children. He then killed himself. There are many divorce horror stories. Should you find yourself involved in a divorce before it gets over the top, you should take the appropriate action.

Keep Your Sanity

If you find that your divorce is overwhelming you should seek out therapy. You may be facing issues such as fear and dependency. You must also keep your children’s best interest in mind during the divorce process. Professional help may be necessary to keep you on an even keel.

Domestic Violence

Sometimes things get out of control during divorces. Normally reasonable individuals get pushed towards domestic violence. If you live with your spouse and you feel you’re in danger you should act. Orders of protection and other devices are available to protect you from an aggressive spouse. Even if your spouse incites you, it does not justify violence!

Dealing With The Pressure

Divorces can bring intense pressure on families. Men and women often go tit for tat, with regard to pushing each other’s buttons. Children who watch one parent bullying the other can become bullies themselves. Learn how to deal with your spouse pushing your buttons. Don’t get carried away, don’t over react, don’t lose your humanity!

Therapy For Your Children

If you are involved in a bitter divorce and your children are exposed to inappropriate behavior it may be necessary to put them in therapy to help them deal with this difficult situation.

Divorce and Fathers Rights Lawyers

The fathers’ rights lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have more than 100 years of combined legal experience with all divorce related issues. We deal with orders of protections, child custody, visitation, change in child custody, child support, family court issues, spousal maintenance (alimony) and child abuse and child neglect proceedings.

We have extensive experience in dealing with CPS and ACS problems. We bring applications on behalf of our clients to reduce child support. We also have extensive experience in handling paternity cases. Our office represents fathers in annulments, in dealing with equitable distribution and relocation problems. We negotiate separation agreements when appropriate for our clients. We also represent grandparents regarding grandparents’ rights issues. Call us for a free consultation.

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