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Divorce, Afghanistan Style

Afghanistan is one of the poorest, most backward countries in the world. Women in Afghanistan have rights similar to farm animals. They are pledged to marry at young ages by their fathers. They have virtually no say as to who they marry and where they live. They are subject to being disciplined by their husbands with beatings. In some situations, they become slaves to the husbands family and must listen to the husbands’ mother and serve his family. Sometimes women stuck in these horrendous marriages have no way out.


Instead of Divorce, Afghan Women Immolate Themselves

One of the few items available to women in Afghanistan is cooking oil. There have been a number of recent incidents where women have poured cooking oil over themselves and lit themselves on fire. Can you imagine how terrible one’s life must be before they’re willing to do this terrible act?  Afghani women attempt to end their lives because they cannot deal with their horrendous life situations caused by extremely toxic and violent marriages.

In some cases, the women of Afghanistan are set on fire by their mothers-in-law and/or their husbands. When they come in for treatment to the hospitals, they are forced to lie and tell the physicians that they’ve tried to kill themselves.

A Typical Story

Farzana was engaged to Ajat. She was married at the ripe old age of twelve. When she was seventeen, she set herself on fire. She had endured many years of beatings and abuse from her husband and his family. She poured cooking oil on herself in front of her husband and then set herself on fire. This is a story of desperation. Children forced to marry and made into slaves. Unfortunately, this is the country where American lives are being lost and for what reason?

divorce-150x1505New York Style Divorce

We assist our clients in obtaining divorces in the metropolitan New York area. Our law office represents our clients in Family Court regarding orders of protection, custody matters, child abuse and child neglect proceedings. When the marriage is one of a short duration and there are no children, we can help our clients obtain annulments. In high net worth situations, we utilize accountants and investigators to assist our law office in representing our clients involved with divorce proceedings. Call us for free consultation at 516-561-6645, 718-350-2802 or 1-800-344-6431.

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