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Seal Your Criminal Record

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Starting on October 1, 2017 New York will have a new criminal record sealing law. This new law is New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59. Virtually anyone convicted in New York for up to two (2) misdemeanors and one (1) felony can move to have their criminal records wiped out. Sealing a criminal record and expungement of a criminal record are two different means to obtain the same or similar outcome with regard to an individual’s criminal record. Expungement means eliminating the existence of the negative criminal conviction information. Sealing refers to hiding the criminal record and making it not available to be found.

Remove Negative Impact of a Criminal Record

Sealing a criminal record can change an individual’s life. Misdemeanor and felony convictions have numerous negative impacts on individual’s lives. They can prevent you from obtaining certain types of employment. They can prevent you from being bonded They can impact negatively on your credit history.

Our law office has extensive experience in representing individuals charged with crimes. Many years ago an individual who I represented on a criminal case came to my office and spoke to me about the impact of his criminal conviction on his life. What he told me was the only job he could find due to his criminal record was working in a car wash. The elimination of this individual’s ability to obtain a quality job or reasonable employment had virtually destroyed this man’s life.

The Sealing of the Criminal Record Process

The process starts by hiring an attorney to bring a proceeding in the court where you were convicted of a crime. The case must be sent back to the original convicting judge. If that judge is no longer available or is no longer sitting on the bench, a new judge will be appointed to hear your case. The application will show the basis of sealing your criminal record under New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 159.60. It will show that you have been a good citizen, rehabilitated, you have moved forward with your life and obtained employment and sealing of your criminal record will further enhance your ability to be re-established in society. The application will also show that the general public would not in any way be endangered by the sealing of your criminal record. This application is then served on the District Attorney’s Office where you were convicted. They will have up to forty-five (45) days to challenge the sealing of your criminal record. If they do not submit written opposition to the sealing of your criminal record, it will be submitted to a judge for decision Should the District Attorney’s Office have any objections to the sealing of your criminal record, you will be entitled to a hearing to present evidence to the court as to why your criminal record should be sealed.

It should be pointed out the purpose of this new statute is to give you a fresh start and prevent your prior criminal record from destroying your life. The purpose of the new law is to enhance your ability to be a vibrant contributing member in society.

The Opportunity for a Fresh Start in Your Life is Now!

You can hide, seal and keep from the rest of the world from accessing information about your criminal convictions by moving forward to seal your criminal record now. This could give you a new Attorney Elliot Schlissellease on life and new career.

Contact the criminal record sealing lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo, LLP. Contact us for a free consultation at any of the following phone numbers for a free consultation about sealing your criminal record and helping you move forward to maximize your opportunities in life: We have offices in Queens, Nassau & Suffolk Counties. Our phone numbers are: 516-561-6645, 631-319-8262 and 718-350-2802.

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