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Roughed-up at the Welfare Office

security-150x150Ayala works for the Human Resources Administration. He is a security officer. He is currently under investigation for physically assaulting individuals in two separate incidents during a three week period. William Broady went to the welfare office on September 22, 2010. He was applying for Medicaid. He waited for hours and hours and, in the end, he was told to come back the next day.

William was unhappy. He went back in and sat down in the welfare office. He stated, “I’m not leaving until you help me”. He was approached by Wilfredo Ayala. Wilfredo grabbed him by the collar and dragged him into the hallway. He then threw him on the floor. He hit him in the eye with his flashlight. He then hit him in the nose with his flashlight. William was now in pain. He begged to leave; however, Wilfredo was not done. He put him in a choke hold. He then took him to the HRA locker room. He charged him with a felony assault and resisting arrest. When the police were called to the scene, William was taken to the hospital.


On the date of Ebony’s incident, Ebony was fourteen weeks pregnant. On that date, at approximately 4:20 p.m., her case was too complicated to be handled by one of the clerks at the welfare office. He told her that she should leave and come back the next day. She advised the clerk how unhappy she was with him. She asked that a supervisor intervene to help her.

She claims thereafter that a man in shorts suddenly came up behind her husband. He started yelling something and then grabbed her husband around the neck. He then slammed her husband’s head on the desk and then onto the floor. A second security officer, under Wilfredo’s direction, grabbed her and dropped her to the floor. Thereafter, both she and her husband were handcuffed and given summonses for harassment. She started to bleed and was taken to the hospital and released ten hours later. As a result of the incident, she suffered a miscarriage.

Wilfredo Ayala’s actions were uncalled for, irresponsible and criminal. He should be charged with committing an assault. The individuals beaten by him should sue both him and the Human Resources Administration related to his assaulting of people coming to their office seeking help.

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If you are assaulted and receive injuries, we can help you. No one has the right to attack you. Our office has represented individuals in all types of personal injury matters for more than thirty years. We assist our clients with injuries received in car accidents, truck accidents and slip and fall accidents. We represent families whose loved ones have been involved in a wrongful death situation.

Should you be assaulted, the individual assaulting you should be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony. For help with legal matters, call us at 1-800-344-6431, 516-561-6645 or 718-350-2802.

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