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Re – marriage, Why Do Men Do It?

Paul McCarthy Re-married
Ex – Beatle Paul McCarthy recently re – married. As you may recall, he was badly burned in his last divorce. So why did he re – marry? For love! Is there a tendency for men to enter new relationships after old ones fail? According to a recent census report entitled “Marital Events of Americans 2009”, it was found that men, after receiving a divorce, are quicker to marry than women
Men’s Support System

It has been speculated that men re – marry after divorces faster than women because they don’t have the type of support systems that are available to women. Emily V. Gordon, a therapist, recently stated “in my experience as a therapist and as a friend, it seems that the majority of the break – up resources available are for women and not men.”Hugo Schwyzer is a professor at Pasadena City College, involved with gender studies. His research indicates that women who are employed don’t want to go back into the same type of situations they just were able to extricate themselves from. These women feel there was an “unequal distribution of household chores” in their past failed relationship. Professor Schwyzer claims studies show “women are often a lot happier after divorce.” He states further that among men and women who are over the age of 45, 33.3% percent of men remarry, while only 25% percent of women remarry. Another theory is men, after divorcing, would rather marry a woman who doesn’t have children. This keeps life much simpler. Since in the large majority of cases, women end up with custody, it can make them a less attractive a marrying partner for single men. Contrary to this, fathers, who have visitation with their children and do not have physical custody, are more marketable.

Incurable Romantics
Lucy Cavendish is an author who writes a column in the United Kingdom for the Telegraph. She takes the position that men must be incurable romantics. She takes this position because she feels there’s no explanation why a man who did very poorly in a divorce, such as Paul McCarthy, would marry again. It should be noted that Paul McCarthy previously married Heather Mills, who had no assets. However, in this case, Paul McCarthy married a very wealthy woman who would not need to sock it to him in the event of a divorce. Plus, we have to assume Paul is a lot smarter now then he was in the past and entered into a pre nuptial agreement with Nancy Schvell.

Being Alone

Another theory as to why men re – marry faster than women has to do with men not wanting to be alone. It is thought that middle aged women are much more comfortable being alone than men.

Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

When marriage fails what you need is a good lawyer! The Father’s rights lawyers at the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo have been helping men protect their rights for over 33 years. We litigate all aspects of divorce, including child custody, visitation, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony) and equitable distribution of property. We also represent fathers with regard to proceedings in family court. We litigate issues involving paternity, downward modifications of child support, relocation problems, parental alienation cases and issues involving parental alienation syndrome. We also negotiate separation agreements for our clients. Feel free to call us for a free consultation.The law firm handles cases in Nassau County, Kings County, Queens County and throughout the Metropolitan New York area.

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