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Omaima Nelson, Who was Convicted of Killing Her Husband and Cooking Him has Applied to Be Paroled

crimepic1-150x150Omaima Nelson was convicted of killing her husband, William Nelson.  Omaima, then 23, killed her 56-year old husband and planned to steal from him as she had done with other middle-aged men. Her modus operandi was to seduce middle aged men, marry them and kill them for their money. After being married to her husband for less than a month, she tied him up and murdered him. She then completely dismembered his body and put his body parts through a garbage disposal.

When authorities investigated the case, they found some of Nelson’s body parts in garbage bags – mixed in with leftover Thanksgiving turkey. His hands had actually been fried in oil, and his boiled head kept in the freezer.

Omaima has applied at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla for parole.

Grizzly Testimony at Her Trail

A psychiatrist at Omaima’s trial gave testimony that Omaima had confessed to the psychiatrist that she cooked her husband’s ribs barbeque style, and that they were tasty.

Omaima was convicted of second degree murder and was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 25 years to life. She now seeks to be paroled for this 1991 murder of her husband.

The attorney who represented Nelson on her appeal, Terrance Scott, commented with regard to the parole request. Scott stated that it was unlikely she would be released, unless it was into a mental institution. Omaima had represented to Scott that she chopped her husband up because of fear of meeting him in the afterlife, pursuant to her beliefs in Egyptian mythology.

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