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Nassau County District Attorney Informs Convicted Criminals About Family Crime Lab Analysis of Drugs


Kathleen Rice is the District Attorney of Nassau County. She has recently notified three hundred inmates serving time in local and upstate penitentiaries that they should contact their attorneys or local legal aid organizations. This is on the heels of the disclosure of problems faced by the Nassau County Police Department’s crime lab. Problems stemming from the crime lab could have affected the 300 inmates’ cases.

Nassau County is currently involved in the process of re-testing all felony drug case material from 2008 to the present. In addition, Nassau County is also re-testing all blood-alcohol related material from as far back as 2006.

District Attorney Rice’s letter to the inmates specifically stated the purpose of this letter is to make you aware of this situation and to provide you with contact information should you have any questions or wish to contact legal counsel. It is my hope that this letter provides you with the ability to appropriately consider the events in the last few months in the context of your criminal case.

Lawyers Move To Surpress Evidence and Set Aside Convictions

There have been more than forty motions made to the courts in Nassau County by attorneys for defendants requesting that evidence be suppressed (kept out), or that conviction be set aside due to the mishandling of evidence by the Nassau County Police Department crime laboratory. District Attorney Kathleen Rice has put together a team of Assistant District Attorneys to handle these challenges concerning the questionable evidence practices of the Nassau County crime laboratory.

Criminal Lawyers

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