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Leandra’s Law

crasher-150x150On October 11, 2009, Carmen Huertas was driving on the West Side Highway in Manhattan.  She had a blood alcohol level of .012.  She was speeding.  In addition, she had 7 young girls in the car with her! Carmen lost control of her car due to her speeding while intoxicated.  The car flipped over, throwing some of the young girls from the vehicle.  One of the girls, an eleven-year-old named Leandra Rosado, was killed as she was thrown from the car.

An outraged New York State Legislature, in response to this incident, passed a new law called “Leandra’s Law” that increased the penalties of driving while intoxicated with children in the car.

Ms. Huertas Pleads Guilty

Ms. Huertas has pled guilty to various criminal charges including, but not limited to, second degree manslaughter.  Justice Charles H. Solomon, sitting in the Supreme Court in New York County, has imposed a sentence of four to twelve years on Carmen Huertas.

The judge at the time of sentencing was outraged.  He stated, “I do not understand how someone could drink, get into a car with all these young girls and go 70 miles an hour on the West Side Highway”.  The judge further stated at the time of sentencing, ” it is almost like you asked for a tragedy. It is just inconceivable on many levels that you would do that”.

At the time of the sentencing, Leandra’s father Lenny Rosado held up a picture of his beautiful young daughter.  He gave a speech at the time of sentencing.  He asked the judge that his daughter’s death should not be in vain.  Mr. Rosado felt that Ms. Huertas should serve at least eleven years in jail, one for each year that his daughter lived.  He described his daughter Leandra in the following manner: “Leandra was a very happy and funny person”.  Mr. Rosado stated that, “one day Carmen Huertas will get out of jail and she will be able to see her kids. I won’t”.

Driving while intoxicated is a problem that society needs to deal with. The families of victims in cases such as this one never fully recover.

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