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Eliminate DWI Convictions

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The state legislature in New York has passed and New York Governor Andrew Como has signed a new criminal record sealing law. This new law will allow the sealing of all DWI convictions. The requirements to seal your record and eliminate the public from knowing about your DWI convictions will require that these convictions took place more than ten (10) years ago or it has been ten (10) years since you have been released from jail or prison related to a DWI conviction.

The Procedure for Sealing of OWIs

To seal your DWI convictions you must bring a proceeding in the court where you were convicted. If the judge who sentenced you is no longer sitting on the bench, a new judge will be appointed to hear your case. The judge will review your application and the paperwork submitted by your lawyer. The District Attorney’s Office in the county where you were convicted after receiving copies of your criminal conviction application will have up to forty-five (45) days to oppose the application. If they oppose the application, a hearing will be held to determine your eligibility to have your record sealed. If they don’t oppose the application it will be submitted unopposed to the court.

Crimes to be Sealed

You can seal up to two (2) OWIs. Only one of the OWIs though can be a felony. If you have been convicted of more than two (2) felonies you will be ineligible for this new liberal criminal record sealing program. This new criminal record sealing law gives you a unique opportunity for a fresh start. Driver’s licenses that had formerly been taken away from you can be restored. Examples of records which can be sealed are convictions for DWI, driving under the influence of drugs or other DWI related offenses. You may be able to have that criminal record sealed now!

Opportunity to Start Your Life Criminal Record Free

The opportunity to eliminate criminal records in New York has never existed until October 1, 2017. This is the chance of a lifetime. Call us now to seek a free Elliot Schlisselconsultation.

Our office can have your criminal record sealed throughout the State of New York. We have convenient offices in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens County. Call us at any one of our phone numbers to discuss for a free consultation on sealing your criminal record. Our office numbers are as follows:

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