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Colorado’s “Make My Day” Law


Woman Kills Her Boyfriend and Is Not Prosecuted Under Colorado Law

Azura Lakin has dodged a bullet and avoided prosecution for murder under Colorado’s “Make My Day Law”. Azura Lakin is 21 years of age. On October 2, 2011, she had a fight with her boyfriend. During the fight, she slashed his throat with a broken bottle. Her boyfriend Shawn Cassidy, age 23, died of his wounds.

Shawn came to her apartment one evening in a hostile, intoxicated manner. While he was there, he argued with Azura. During the argument he started to choke her. She and her sister pushed him out of the apartment. However, he was persistent and continued to pound on their door. She opened it again and he again attacked her, choking her neck. At this time, she claimed she hit him with the broken bottle, which cut his throat. The blood loss resulted in Shawn’s death.

Shawn’s Death Was Ruled a Homicide

District Attorney Larry Abramson of Larimer County found that Cassidy’s death was a homicide. Since he unlawfully entered Azura’s house, and committed a crime of assault while he was there, Azura had an expectation that he sought to cause her harm.

Under the Colorado “Make My Day Law”, citizens of Colorado have a right to self-protection at their home. Since Azura was acting in self defense, District Attorney Abramson stated “we came to the unanimous conclusion that criminal charges could not be sustained beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Cassidy’s Aunt, Colleen Countryman, stated “she was mad over a broken cell phone. So my nephew is gone because of a cell phone that was broken, it’s not right.” This is an example of street justice!

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