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Brooklyn D.A. Establishes Hate Crimes Unit

hate-150x150There have been an unusual number of hate crimes in Brooklyn, New York.  Charles Hines, the District Attorney of Kings County, has decided to take an aggressive stand in dealing with hate crimes against gay individuals.

Task Force To Protect Gay Men And Women

On October 29, 2010, Hines announced a task force would be set up to reduce violence initiated against gay men and women. He has taken this action, in large part, due to a number of recent high-profile assaults on gay men in Brooklyn.

A hotline has been established.  Victims can receive support by calling this hotline.  The hotline also can be used to report incidents.  The purpose of the hotline is to deal with the situation where individuals who have been assaulted may be uncomfortable in dealing with the New York Police Department concerning these matters.

The hotline workers will receive sensitivity training dealing with hate crimes involving gay individuals.  The hotline will also aid police in developing information necessary to assist the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office in the prosecution of these hate crimes against gays.

The hotline is not solely for prosecution.  It also assists individuals who are the victims of crimes.

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