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Alzheimer’s Disease: What are the Symptoms?

alz-121x150 Are you concerned that either you, a close friend or a loved one has the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease?  What are the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease? Are your parents just becoming forgetful or do they  have the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease? Should you believe that yourself, a friend, a family member  or a loved one is developing Alzheimer’s disease, then you should go to a physician that deals with this  disorder. There are very specific tests a physician can perform to determine whether Alzheimer’s disease is in  its early stages.

The following are a list of symptoms you should look for concerning Alzheimer’s disease:

Memory lapses -Does the senior repeat himself or herself or tell the same story again and again? Are they forgetful concerning names and acquaintances? Is this a problem that is getting worse? Memory problems are one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Confusion – Has this individual’s speech patterns changed? Does he or she stumble over their words? Instead of using specific terms, do they instead use terms such as “whatchamacallit”?

Mood changes – Is this individual subject to certain mood changes? Where they were normally assertive, are they now reflective? Is this individual becoming withdrawn or depressed?

Difficulty with common activities – Does this individual seem to have difficulty doing normal daily activities such as cooking, washing, bathing and playing games? Does this individual start projects and fail to complete them?

Disorientation – Does this individual become disoriented in situations where they never had difficulty before? Do they get lost easily or wander around aimlessly?

Misplacing items – Has the individual suddenly started to lose things or misplace items? Does he or she lose track of things such as keys, glasses or telephones?

The aforementioned provides you an overview of many of the problems experienced by individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease. Should you see these problems in a friend, family member or loved one, have them a see a physician to look into whether they are developing Alzheimer’s disease. There are medications that can slow the onslaught of this horrendous disease.

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