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Strangling: A New Felony in New York

mouth-nose-150x150The New York State Legislature has recently approved a new statute which deals with squeezing someone’s throat or covering their nose and mouth to block breathing. The statute makes this activity a felony in New York. Felonies are significant criminal charges.

The sponsors of the statue in the New York Legislature claim that domestic violence assaults often involve these types of activities. The intent of the new statute is to make squeezing someone throat or blocking their nose and mouth, so they can not breath, a serious crime in the State of New York.

Women’s rights advocates also claim that potential strangulation is often used to silence women from speaking out about domestic violence. This legislation is now going to Governor Patterson’s desk for his signature.

Should you, a family member, or loved one be involved in a situation involving domestic violence, it is in you interest to consult with attorneys experienced in handling these matters. For more then 32 years our office has been in the forefront of providing legal representation in cases involving domestic violence. Contact the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo by email or at 1-800-344-6431.

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