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Same Sex Relationships

Domestic Partnerships

New York State does not recognize marriages between individuals of the same sex. Individuals in same sex relationships who seek to outline their responsibilities to each other in a legal manner can enter into domestic partnership agreements. These agreements can deal with legal issues involving assets, property rights and children. Although, domestic partnership agreements are often used by same sex couples, they can also be utilized by couples in heterosexual relationships.

An unmarried couple with shared assets can obtain legal protection in the event of a break up if they enter into a domestic partnership agreement. These agreements deal not only with the break up of the parties but also with circumstances in which one party marries another individual or either of the parties die. Domestic partnership agreements in same sex relationships are similar to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that are utilized in relationships between members of opposite sexes. These agreements should deal with issues involving the division of property, spousal maintenance, health insurance coverage, division of pensions and 401K plans and other significant issues.

In the City of New York, in order to enter into a domestic partnership, the couple must register their relationship with the City Clerk and attest to their devotion to each other. If you are in a committed relationship and you seek to deal with issues involving property, debts, support or the potential dissolution of the relationship, a domestic partnership agreement may be appropriate for you. Contact our NY / Long Island Domestic Partnership Attorneys at: (800) 344-6431 for a free consultation.

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