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Free Yourself From Your Criminal Record

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New York has a new sealing of criminal records law. This new law is New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59. Ten (10) years after your conviction or release from jail, a court will now have the discretion to seal, under certain circumstances, your criminal records. This can give you new opportunities, put your past behind you and eliminate the negative impact criminal records can have on employment, credit worthiness and other situations.

Courts can seal up to two (2) convictions from your record. One of these convictions can be a felony. Class A felonies and sex offenses and violent felonies are excluded from being sealed. Some states have expungement laws. In New York the law deals with sealing of a criminal record. Expunge means destruction of the criminal record. Sealing is similar but it refers to closing of your criminal record.

Should You Have Your Criminal Record Sealed?

The answer to this is definitely YES!!! There are significant benefits from sealing past negative criminal information. Simultaneously with the passage of New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59 regarding sealing of criminal records, New York has also amended the New York Human Rights Law. The sealing of your criminal record will bar employers from even asking you the question about a criminal conviction that has been sealed. The intent of this new criminal record sealing law is to give you a fresh start and not have your past prevent you from moving forward with employment, social situations and improving your life. If a criminal record has created problems for you in the past,

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