The Great Escape

December 31st, 2010

Jose Rodriguez was a wanted man.  Police tracked him down to a hotel in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The New York City police, New Jersey police and members of a federal task force found Rodriguez in his hotel room. They had tracked him down by intercepting his cell phone calls.  Overwhelmed by the police presence, Rodriguez surrendered. The police placed him in a police cruiser and handcuffed behind his back in the backseat.  The engine of the police vehicle was left on and the key in the ignition.  Besides from having his hands handcuffed behind his back, Rodriguez legs were also shackled together.  Rodriguez was left in the back seat for approximately an hour while police were working out the details of the numerous criminal charges against him.

Rodriguez Escapes

Rodriguez squirmed into the front seat from the rear seat.  He was somehow able to place the police cruiser into gear.  Unable to steer the vehicle with his hands handcuffed behind his back, he steered the vehicle with his knees.

14 Hour Manhunt

When the police realized that Rodriguez had escaped, a manhunt was undertaken to find him.  The police cruiser was located approximately five miles away.  In it were the handcuffs and leg shackles that Rodriguez had removed from his arms and legs. The keys left in the ignition also had a key that opened up the handcuffs and leg shackles.

Heavily armed police officers utilizing both dogs and helicopters searched the neighboring area.  Eventually they found Rodriguez.  Rodriguez was returned to the 43rd precinct in the Bronx.  He’s being charged with a November 1, 2001, shooting in the Bronx.Rodriguez has more than seven prior criminal arrests related to marijuana possession and robbery.  He also was a parole violator.  Thank God the police didn’t lose Mr. Rodriguez the second time they caught him!!

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It was a summer night in 2007.  Lofemi Hightower and Dashon Harvey were in a schoolyard in Newark.  Lofemi was twenty years old and Dashon was eighteen years old.  There was another victim in this case who survived and testified at trial regarding the case.  She was sexually assaulted, slashed with a machete and shot in the head.

Playing in a Schoolyard

The boys and their friends were playing in the schoolyard when they were approached by five young men.  Melvin Jovel was one of the five young men.  Melvin, who was twenty-one at the time, and his five friends lined Lofemi Hightower and Dashon Harvey against a wall.  He then shot each of them in the back of their head killing them.

Jovel, an illegal Honduran immigrant, was involved with the MS-13 street gang.  The killing of the boys in the schoolyard was part of an initiation ritual for members of the gang.  The gang members had no knowledge who their victims were.

The victims either attended Delaware State University or had planned on attending Delaware State University.  They were listening to music on a summer evening of August 4, 2007, when their young lives were cut short.

At the time of the sentencing of Melvin Javel, Dashon Harvey’s father spoke.  He said, “my son was a beacon of light in our society, in which beacons of light are hard to find.”  He stated, “he made me proud to be his Dad in a society without a lot of fathers.”

Judge Melvin Ravin sentenced Melvin Jovel to three consecutive life sentences, plus twenty years.  This totals 245 years in jail.

The sentence is too short!

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Texting While Driving

December 29th, 2010

In New York, it is against the law to text while driving.  This seems like a worthwhile way of demotivating people from engaging in this activity, but there is problem with the new law.

The new law is does not make texting while driving a primary offense.  The police officer must first see someone violating the law.  However, he cannot pull the car over unless they are also violating another law.  What started out as a good idea is not being carried through.

Automobile Association Study

The Automobile Association of America recently conducted a poll of their members in New York State.  Ninety-percent of their members stated that texting while driving should be a crime.  Drivers are concerned about this behavior.  They feel it can cause accidents and innocent people will be injured.

The New York State Legislature should take action to pass a tougher law regarding individuals who text message while driving. Texting while driving creates unsafe conditions on our roads and innocent people will be killed.

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Judge Gilbetz, sitting in the Family Court in Bronx County, was recently presented with a case of child abuse against a father.  The Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) is the agency in the City of New York charged with investigating and making presentations in court concerning allegations of child abuse.

In the case before Judge Gilbetz, out of court statements were made by a four year old that her father had sexually abused her.  ACS brought a petition against the father claiming that the out of court statements were sufficiently corroborated to require an abuse finding by the court against the father.  The court ruled against ACS.  It held that they failed to sufficiently prove there was corroboration of the child’s out of court statements.

ACS had obtained the testimony of a “validator” named Dr. Lewitts.  At the fact-finding hearing, they attempted to get into evidence corroboration through Dr. Lewitts.  He testified that, with a reasonable degree of psychological certainty, the child’s statements were consistent with those of other children who were found to be sexually abused.

The father introduced testimony of his own expert.  The father’s expert’s presentation was that Dr. Lewitts violated standard methodologies in the manner in which he questioned the child.  During the course of questioning the child, he had the mother present for the interviews.

The court found that Dr. Lewitt’s opinion could not be given credibility.  The court’s ruling was that the validator did not corroborate the child’s testimony.  The validator simply substituted his credibility for the child’s credibility.  This did not meet the legal criteria for a finding of child abuse.  The court’s decision went on to state that, due to the inappropriate interviews and the incorrect methodology utilized by Dr. Lewitts, his opinion could not be considered of evidentiary value in the case.  The court therefore dismissed the petition of child abuse against the father.

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Roughed-up at the Welfare Office

December 27th, 2010

Ayala works for the Human Resources Administration.  He is a security officer.  He is currently under investigation for physically assaulting individuals in two separate incidents during a three week period.  William Broady went to the welfare office on September 22, 2010.  He was applying for Medicaid.  He waited for hours and hours and, in the end, he was told to come back the next day.

William was unhappy.  He went back in and sat down in the welfare office.  He stated, “I’m not leaving until you help me”.  He was approached by Wilfredo Ayala.  Wilfredo grabbed him by the collar and dragged him into the hallway.  He then threw him on the floor.  He hit him in the eye with his flashlight.  He then hit him in the nose with his flashlight. William was now in pain.  He begged to leave; however, Wilfredo was not done.  He put him in a choke hold.  He then took him to the HRA locker room.  He charged him with a felony assault and resisting arrest.  When the police were called to the scene, William was taken to the hospital.


On the date of Ebony’s incident, Ebony was fourteen weeks pregnant.  On that date, at approximately 4:20 p.m., her case was too complicated to be handled by one of the clerks at the welfare office.  He told her that she should leave and come back the next day.  She advised the clerk how unhappy she was with him.  She asked that a supervisor intervene to help her.

She claims thereafter that a man in shorts suddenly came up behind her husband.  He started yelling something and then grabbed her husband around the neck.  He then slammed her husband’s head on the desk and then onto the floor.  A second security officer, under Wilfredo’s direction, grabbed her and dropped her to the floor.  Thereafter, both she and her husband were handcuffed and given summonses for harassment.  She started to bleed and was taken to the hospital and released ten hours later.  As a result of the incident, she suffered a miscarriage.

Wilfredo Ayala’s actions were uncalled for, irresponsible and criminal.  He should be charged with committing an assault.  The individuals beaten by him should sue both him and the Human Resources Administration related to his assaulting of people coming to their office seeking help.

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Blinded Golfer Incident

December 24th, 2010

Dr. Azid Anand was injured when Dr. Anoop Kapoor took a shot from the rough on October 19, 2002. These two physicians and a third man met together at the golf course.  Dr. Kapoor hit a ball which veered to the right and struck Dr. Anand’s left eye.  The golf ball hit him with such force that he lost sight in the eye. At the time of the trial, Dr. Anand testified that Dr. Kapoor never yelled “FOUR” at the time he swung his golf club.  This is a traditional warning from one golfer to another that they may be in the path of a golf ball.  So to speak, they should duck! It was argued that he was negligent in failing to yell “four”.  The judge hearing the case dismissed it.  His ruling was that getting hit by a golf ball on a golf course is the risk you take when you play golf.

The Appellate Court upheld this decision.  The case has now been appealed to New York’s highest court.  Dr. Anand’s attorney claims that the underlying facts of the case were confusing.  Due to the confusion and circumstances involved in the case.  He feels that the judge should not have dismissed this matter.  The appropriate way to resolve this case was to present it to a jury and let them make a decision.  Dr. Anand claims millions of dollars in damages because his medical practice has been limited due to his losing sight in one eye.

I never looked at golf as a violent game.  My sport of choice is tennis.  I am presently sixty years old and one day, when I am too old to play tennis, I may consider playing golf on a regular basis.  Up until then, I’ll stick with tennis.

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John J.P. Krol graduated from Fordham Law School and was admitted to the bar in New York in 1982.  He is a practicing attorney.  Mr. Krol was married in 1982 and he has two sons and three daughters.  In 2008, a year after Mr. Krol started a divorce proceeding, his daughter (only identified in the proceeding as “MK”) began attending the University of Rhode Island. Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Bruno wanted Mr. Krol to pay 86% of his daughter’s college education.  Mr. Krol refused to obey the court’s order.  His wife brought an application to hold him in contempt for violating the order.  Mr. Krol eventually paid his daughter’s college tuition.  The following year, he again failed to pay the tuition.  Mrs. Krol again filed a contempt proceeding.  As a result, Mr. Krol again agreed to pay his daughter’s expenses rather than proceed with the hearing on the contempt charges.

The next semester he yet again failed to pay for his daughter’s college education. Ms. Krol brought a third application to hold her husband in contempt.  Mr. Krol argued that he was financially unable to pay the college expenses.  Mr. Krol felt he was being penalized in this case and should not have the burden of paying education expenses.

Judge Bruno, in his decision, stated that “due to the urgency of the instant application, this court finds that the defendant has exhausted other less dramatic remedies, especially having been down this path several times before.  The plaintiff does not dispute he has not paid the daughter’s college education expenses nor does he dispute other less drastic remedies should be taken”.  Judge Bruno sentenced Mr. Krol to serve six months jail time in the Nassau County correctional facility if he did not pay the tuition.  He also advised Mr. Krol that he would file a complaint with the Grievance Committee of the Bar Association with regard to his conduct.  This matter was later resolved by a stipulation entered into between the parties.

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Anti-Semitism and Tolerance

December 22nd, 2010

It was the 1990′s in Billings, Montana.  Tammy Schnitzer and her five-year-old son, Isaac, had placed a Menorah in Isaac’s bedroom window.  They were celebrating the Jewish holiday of Chanukah.  Without warning, a large cinder block careened through their window.  Glass was shattered throughout the room. The Menorah was destroyed! This is one of several incidents in Billings, Montana that took place in the 1990′s.  There were other acts of intolerance aimed at both Jews and black Americans.

Tammy Schnitzer did not hide from these incidents.  She did not let these senseless acts control her lifestyle.  In Billings, Montana, the community spoke out.  A newspaper in Billings published a picture of the destroyed Menorah.  Ten thousand copies of this picture were displayed in homes and businesses in the city of eighty thousand.  Residents also took action, standing side-by-side with an African-American church to show solidarity regarding an incident in which insidious remarks were spray-painted on the church.

In November of 2010, Tammy Schnitzer spoke at the Merrick Long Island Jewish Center.  Her speech was on the Anniversary of Kristallnach.  In English, this means “The Night of the Broken Glass”.  On November 8th and 9th of 1938, Nazis throughout Germany killed dozens of Jews. More than two hundred synagogues were torched. Three thousand Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps.  Jewish stores, businesses and places of worship were broken into and destroyed.

Rabbi Charles Klein of the Merrick Jewish Center also spoke on November 8th.  He talked of rising intolerance in the United States; an example of which was the murder of Marcello Lucero in Patchogue.  Marcello Lucero was a Ecuadorean immigrant who was murdered by white youths as part of a hate crime.

Tammy Schnitzer has been giving talks about intolerance throughout the United States.  She has grown famous because of a television movie made about what happened to her and her family in Billings, Montana.  Bill Clinton, when he was president, appointed Tammy Schnitzer to a hate crimes advisory committee.

Tammy said in her speech, “Hate truly was dividing my community”.  Tammy says that hate cannot be eliminated, but you can create a platform to discuss it and educate people.  With education and teaching tolerance, blind hate can be overcome!

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The Cruise From Hell

December 21st, 2010

In November of 2010, 4,500 passengers embarked on a cruise on the Carnival Splendor.  The cruise ended-up being a horrible experience for everyone involved.  At or around dawn, many passengers awoke to a shaking of the entire ship.  When they went out to the hallway, it was filled with smoke.  Crew members told passengers to go to the life boats.  The passengers, who were in their night clothes, left their rooms and headed towards the lifeboats.  Although it wasn’t necessary for the passengers to abandon the Carnival Splendor, they were stranded for three days under difficult circumstances.

A fire caused the ship to lose power.  This caused all the food on the ship to spoil.  The ship was in the dark.  At the time this happened, the ship was too far from land for cell phones to work.  The ship was without air conditioning, hot water or hot food.  All of the toilets backed up and the ship developed a stench from human waste.  Navy helicopters had to supply food to the ship through an air lift.  The cabins were without air conditioning.  They were stuffy and hot.

The cruise ship was brought into San Diego harbor by tug boats.  The Carnival Cruise Ship Line is giving all passengers a refund.  In addition to the cost of the cruise, they are also refunding air fares and providing all passengers with a free cruise.

I have never taken a cruise.  My major reason for not going on a cruise is that there are no tennis courts on cruise ships.  I also like to stay in one place.  My wife and I have recently discussed going on a cruise.  I don’t look forward to being in a place that I can’t leave, especially if there are problems.  I have no intention of going on a cruise in the near future.

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Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

December 20th, 2010

A recent study found that four out of ten Americans think marriage is obsolete.  This same study also showed that attitudes have been changing concerning gay relationships and gay marriage.  Today, an unwed couple can be the definition of a family situation.

Since the 1970′s, there has been a significant increase in the number of Americans who believe the institution of marriage is becoming obsolete.  In 1978, only 28% of Americans questioned by Time Magazine believed that marriage was becoming obsolete.  Today, that number has climbed to 39%.

Although marriage is becoming less popular in the United States, various attitudes reflect different racial, social and ethnic groups regarding the institution of marriage and are reflected in a survey conducted by Pew Research Center and Time Magazine.  The gap between marriage rates for college graduates and individuals with only a high school education is growing larger.  In 1960, the gap was only 4%.  Today, the gap is 16%.  Among college graduates, 64% now marry, as compared with 48% of individuals with only high school educations.  The reason the less educated Americans are marrying less often has to do with financial issues.

The study conducted by the Pew Research Center and Time Magazine also showed that 86% of respondents consider a single parent and a child to be a family.  If marriage rates go down, then divorce rates should go down.  Unfortunately, that is not the case. The divorce rate in most states in the United States is approximately 50%.

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